Sugared Candy

Sugared Candy already had an established customer base through facebook sales, and approached us after seeing our work with The Pie Bakery. They wanted a website that would automatically assign delivery dates to customers depending on their location. The website takes the customers postcode and compares it to a list of postcodes for each delivery date, automatically assigning a local delivery date, and if no matches are detected they are given the option of national postal delivery. The site also detects the value of the cart, applying relevant discounts automatically to specific delivery types and cart sizes. The site also has fully automated e-gift card options.

Sugared Candy gave us almost complete creative freedom over the design of the website, allowing us to create fun and modern design features such as the animated spinning lolly on the home page, that spins as the user scrolls.

Along with the design and development of the website, we also taught Sugared Candy how to use the website for stock management, and how to update, add and remove products. We continue to work closely with Sugared Candy to administrate, update and host the website.