Scarborough Barbers

Two barbershops based in Scarborough, Spencer’s and Scarlett’s, are owned by the same people. In order to help them get more people through their doors, we created a website called ““, inside this website, was a ‘sub-site’ for each of the two barber shops. We did this because when people search on google, there are many things that Google does to rank websites, everyone wants to be at the top, but Google needs to make sure people see what they’re searching for. One of the methods Google uses to rank web pages on a search is to look at how many times the webpage contains the words someone is searching for, and it gives it a score, along with other checks google does (like how popular the website is), the scores are added up, and the webpage with the highest score is displayed at the top of the search results. Google gives a higher score to websites that have the words people are searching for in their URL. We created ‘” because now when someone searches “Scarborough Barbers” or “Barbers in Scarborough” our website will get a high score, and come up near the top.

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We continue to work with both the barbers, offering technical support, website administration, digital partnership and detailed reports on how the website is doing. These reports include the traffic to the website, how users interact with the website, where they’re from and how they got to the website. These reports help us to improve the site over time. You can learn more about these reports here.