Nuvo Poulton

We’ve just finished an exciting project with Nuvo, creating a new, stylish website for their Café/Bar/Ristorante based in Poulton, near Blackpool. The family-run Venetian Tapas restaurant needed a user-friendly site that matched the chic design of their establishment and connected seamlessly with their social media accounts.

We incorporated a blog to allow Nuvo to extend the reach of their company and get some free exposure, and a booking system to allow users to book/reserve a table for the restaurant online and worked with Nuvo to create a clever colour scheme that tied the front page images with the text and graphics on the website.

We continue to work with Nuvo, offering website hosting, technical support, website administration, digital partnership and detailed reports on how the website is doing. These reports include the traffic to the website, how users interact with the website, where they’re from and how they got to the website. These reports help us to improve the site over time. You can learn more about these reports here.