Why do I need a website?

Research from Sheffield and Northumbria University suggests that 94% of a website’s user’s first impressions are design-related, this highlights the importance of having your online presence designed, personalised and perfected by someone with experience and knowledge of what looks good, and what doesn’t.

According to statistics from MineWhat and ClarityQuest, 81% of B2C customers and 85% of B2B customers will look online before making a decision. This means that without a website, you could be losing possible customers or clients to competitors with a web presence, and even if you do have a website, you could still be losing out to competitors who have a more well designed and thought out web presence.

Statistics from Stanford, referenced in a Kinsis Inc. article, suggest that 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on their website. A company with an old/outdated or poorly designed web presence indicated to customers that the company is unreliable, not modern and possibly untrustworthy (especially in the e-commerce sector).

These statistics clearly show the need for a modern, professionally designed website.

Besides the obvious, there are many reasons to get a website for your business, whatever product you sell, or service you offer, a strong web presence can help any company grow. Here are just 5 examples of why you need a website.

1 – Your business will gain creditability

The number of people using the internet is growing daily, and people are rapidly searching for products and services online. If you already have a basic website, having it re-done by Small Key Studios will give your business a more professional image. This is especially important for home-based businesses, as you don’t have a storefront to promote your product and/or services.

2 – It will enable you to keep your customers informed

A website is like an online brochure or catalogue, it’s easier, cheaper and quicker to update information about the products and services you offer than with print material. Websites are also always accessible and are available to regular and new customers all day, every day.

3 – Showcasing your services and products

Websites are a great way to showcase your work no matter what type of business you’re in, by including a portfolio/image gallery in your site, with testimonials from clients praising your work, you can show off what makes your business unique and attract potential customers.

– A website saves you time

Providing information to your customers can take a lot of time, whether it be through a face-to-face convocation, email, phone call, brochure etc. With a website, you can have a page that you direct possible customers too, so they can find out information about your products and services without you having to recite it. This page is an example.

5 – Customer Service

Websites improve customer service dramatically. With a simple ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, you can answer many of your customer’s questions in a matter of seconds, we could implement a blog into your site, so you can post your own articles about upcoming events, special promotions or new services and products. Or you could upload videos to your site (Which Small Key Studios can help you film and edit) explaining your products and services.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you gain or develop your business’s web presence, you can read about the steps we take from initial contact to going live, including designing and developing your website, or alternatively you can contact us with any questions you may have, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

As websites range in complexity, they also range in cost. For a no-obligation consultation please feel free to contact us.

We ask for a 25% deposit on the quoted estimate price before work commences.

We also offer aftercare package plans, that include continued support, hosting, a domain, email accounts and free future upkeep and development of your website.


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