How do I get a website?

There are hundreds of Web Design and Development companies all over the world, but Small Key Studios is one of the few that offers a high quality, personal services for an affordable price. There are many ways you can get a new website, you could build and host one yourself, but that takes time and you lose out on the quality and experience provided by someone who has built a large portfolio of sites, for an array of different businesses and organisations. Our post on why you need a website also highlights some of the other reasons it’s not always the best idea to create it yourself.

One of Small Key Studios’ unique selling points is it is a student-run business, meaning we have fresh ideas, a strong technological know-how, and ability to charge a fraction of what a professional web design firm will charge for the exact same service and outcome. We are ‘tech-savvy’ and know the ins-and-outs of social media marketing.

“I first went to a large company that designs, makes and hosts websites and they quoted me a huge amount simply for the development, Small Key Studios built the website, developed it to be exactly how I wanted it, and charged less than 25% of what the large company quoted.”

So, How does Small Key Studios’ web design & development process take place?

Firstly, if you already have an out-of-date website, that’s good! We can work with the existing website and design a brand new, modern and more functional website using existing content and colour schemes. Please contact us and we will go through the process in more detail.

If your organisation has no web presence, that’s perfectly fine too. We’ll need you to send over some basic information, pictures, logos and graphics. If you’re wanting pictures or videos of your product/service/staff, get in touch and we’ll arrange it.

We’ll then build the website with what we’ve got, and you can send us updates to the information and new photos and ideas during the process. Things like business cards, letterheads and van designs can help a lot with the design, as we can use them to sustain brand continuity.

If you have some ideas already, and you’re looking for a quote, please fill out this contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate and start the project.